Crosstown Studios is an independent recording and production studio based in Liverpool, UK.

Using the latest software and top of the range outboard, we achieve high quality sounds at an affordable price.

We have produced hundreds of tracks for local and international artists alike. And have done so since 2008.


Q. I have written a song but need help recording/producing it, can you do this?

A. Yes. If you need help with programming, song writing or playing instruments on your tracks, please get in touch.


Q. Is there an extra charge for using the studios amps, drum kit or guitars?

A. All the equipment in the studio is free to use but please remember, most of the guitars are left handed and house cymbals and snares are only there as a last resort.


Q. Is there a vocal booth at the studio?

A. Yes. We have recently installed a vocal booth in the studio.


Q. How many CD's do we get with our session?

A. We provide one master disk with each session and additional copies are available at £1 each. If you need a large number of professionally duplicated disks, we can arrange this for you at a discount cost.


Q. How many songs can we record in one day?

A. As each session runs differently depending on the project or the band, please contact us to discuss your project and we'll try and answer this as best we can.


Q. What time do the sessions normally start?

A. Most of our sessions run 10.00am - 6.00pm but this can be flexible. If you need an evening session, please contact us and we'll try and accommodate this.


Q. How do I pay for my session?

A. You pay a deposit when your session is booked, then pay the balance on the day of the recording. We take cash or PayPal transfer.


Q. Can we bring our own engineer or producer into the session?

A. Yes. The price of your session will remain the same, but you are more than welcome to bring in your own producer or engineer.

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Crosstown Studios,Unit 5,
Prescot Road Business Park,
331 Prescot Road,
Liverpool, L13 3AS

07841 746 575

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