Crosstown Studios is an independent recording and production studio based in Liverpool, UK.

Using the latest software and top of the range outboard, we achieve high quality sounds at an affordable price.

We have produced hundreds of tracks for local and international artists alike. And have done so since 2008.


Situated in one of Liverpool’s newest Business Parks, our custom built studio has quickly become established as one of Liverpool’s leading recording studios. With a relaxed and comfortable setting, musicians and producers can take advantage of our large recording areas, with separate chill out and office space, as well as our well stocked equipment room.


The studio is built around our Allen and Heath ZED-R16, analogue mixer, working digitally with our Mac Pro and the latest version of Cubase 8.5.



(A comprehensive list of equipment is available upon request)



sE z3300a, sE GM10, AKG D112, AKG C1000S, Shure SM57 x 2 Shure SM58, Shure SM7B, sE-5 x2, Sontronics STC-2, AKG Perception 200, Shure PG52, Shure PG56 x 3, Shure PG81 x 2, Rode M3, Rode NT1-A.



Cubase 8.5, Wavelab Elements 8, Groove Agent, HALion Symphonic Orchestra, The Grand 3.



Allen and Heath ZED R16 Desk, Focusrite ISA430, Focusrite ISA One, SSL Xlogic Alpha Cannel, Aphex 204 Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom, Focusrite Trakmaster Pro, dbx 266xl Compressor, Alesis RA Power Amp, Akai S2000 Sampler.



Adam A7x Pair, KRK Rokit 5 Pair, Alesis One Mk2 Pair.



Marshall JCM 2000, Marshall JCM 900, Marshall 1960A 4 x 12, Fender Deluxe, 2 x Ibanez 4 x 12, Ibanez Solid State Head, Vox AC30 (solid state).


Marshall Bass Head, Warwick Pro Fet 5.1 Head, Warwick 411 Cab.



Left Handed; Gibson SG 3 pickup, Gibson Gothic Flying V, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Jazzmaster, Framus Panthera Pro, Gordon Smith, Danelectro U2, Hohner Stratocaster, Takamine Acoustic.

Right Handed; Tanglewood Acoustic, Ibanez Gio Electric


Big Muff, ProCo RAT, Vox Wha Wha, Digitech Whammy, Line6 FM4, Line6 DL4, Boss DS-1, Boss DD-6, Electro Harmonix Double Muff, Electro Harmonix Bass Balls, Electro Harmonix Small Stone, Marshall Tremelo, Marshall Chorus, Sinister Audio RamRod (Ring Modulator), Ohh La La Soda-Meiser, plus lots more....


Premier Drum Kit, Premier/Tama/Sonar Hardware, Beyerdynamic/Sony Headphones, Yamaha weighted keyboard, Micro Korg, Kaoss Pad (mini KP), Boss DR-3 (drum machine), Stylophone, Melodica, Home Made Theremin and lots of other percussion….

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Crosstown Studios,Unit 5,
Prescot Road Business Park,
331 Prescot Road,
Liverpool, L13 3AS

07841 746 575

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