Crosstown Studios is an independent recording and production studio based in Liverpool, UK.

Using the latest software and top of the range outboard, we achieve high quality sounds at an affordable price.

We have produced hundreds of tracks for local and international artists alike. And have done so since 2008.


Some of the clients that have used Crosstown Studios

Sami Yusuf, Hamza Robertson, eighth day army, William Lodge (USA), LHK Productions, My Auntie Sam, The Little Hydes, Mood Food, Ortolans, WeKindred, SmileRifle, Meiosis, Sex Education, The Albany, Circle Master, Seer, Echo Chamber, Pete Neary, The Insistor, Scarface and the Pigs, Clockswork, Sky Lounge, Watkins, Backdrifts, CubScoutAnnual1998, The Casas, Tsars, Domestic Young Sinners, Constant Beat, Camera Club, Alun Parry, We Walk In Straight Lines, Coma Coma Drama, Hadaka NoFi, Dapper Overture, The Brows, Richie Morris, 909, The Fronteers, Paisleigh Bi, Low Level Fears, A Number of Fires, Nowhere Fast, Alicia Hollywood (Germany), Fraktures, Escobar, The Institution, Revolution 66, Deadsounds, Stone Cold Sober, Brooks Rexroat (USA), B-Team, Amelie Starr, Mechanical Spaniard, Second Chance, Varangians, Keith Dunne, Assembly, Danny Halpin, The Envy, Chocolate Buddha, Chris O'Connor, Static Vibe, Craig Milligan, Reload, Dr. Aids, The Heist, The Cheap Thrills, Adam Dickson, Ill Behaviour, The Royals, La Russiana, Bernard and the Thrumptons, New York Minute, Mary Queen of the Universe, Cherry and the Orchestra, Jamie Cameron, White Heat, The Almost Band (Brazil), Flynns Piece (aka John Witherspoon), NMV3.

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Crosstown Studios,Unit 5,
Prescot Road Business Park,
331 Prescot Road,
Liverpool, L13 3AS

07841 746 575

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